Finally! An Easy Way to Seed Pomegranates

I’ve tried several different ways to seed pomegranates, each touted as “the” easy way.  So when a video showed up in my Facebook timeline this morning, claiming to be yet another easy way to seed this fruit, I’m sure my eyes did a little roll.

As luck would have it, I had a pomegranate in my kitchen.  While preparing my lunch, I decided to give it a whack (literally).  It turns out, that it worked!  My apologies to Martha Stewart for the eye roll.

The Easiest Way to Seed a Pomegranate Video

In case you’re not familiar with pomegranate seeds, they’re delicious.  My kids and I both love them.  The seeds are encapsulated within a membrane that’s filled with pomegranate juice.  When you eat one, you get a splash of the sweet and tart juice, then you are left with a small seed to chew.


Pomegranates are great on salads, as well as by the spoonful.  And now that they’re not so much work, I foresee them making a regular appearance in our winter fruit rotation.



(As you would expect, pomegranate seeds are 0P+ for Weight Watchers followers.)


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