Handy Apple Chart

With all of the varieties available, shopping for apples can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you need apples for a certain purpose.  Today, while grocery shopping, my store was doing an “apple tasting” and handing out these charts.  Handy!


Apples are now in season.  In addition to tasting delicious, buying in-season produce is an easy way to save at the check-out, since supply and demand tells us that what’s more abundant is usually priced lower.

Especially in the fall, I eat at least one apple a day.  My favorite varieties for snacking are:  Honeycrisp, Jazz and Pink Lady.  (I sampled the Cameo apples at the grocery and they were pretty good, too!)

Note: Of course, for Weight Watchers followers, fresh fruit is 0P+.



A little *is* a lot!

Recently, I’ve heard several people putting themselves ever-so-slightly down.  Comments like, “I’ve been good all summer and I’ve only lost 7 pounds.”  The comments have come in various forms, but the gist is the same: whatever weight they’ve lost isn’t enough or isn’t fast enough.

So why the picture of popcorn kernels?  Simple.  That bag of bulk kernels is heavy.  Like, really heavy.  If I had to lug that around with me all the time, I would definitely feel encumbered and it would make me grouchy.  (Actually, I did carry that bag around with me this morning and it was a burden.)


How much does that bag weigh, you ask?  Seven pounds.  Seven really heavy pounds.

I took that bag of popcorn with me to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning as a “show and tell.”  When a woman received accolades for passing the 15 pound lost mark, she lamented that it took her a year to do so.  That was the perfect timing to bring out the kernels.  When she held the bag and realized that she had lost more than TWO of them, hopefully she realized what an accomplishment that is!

As the bag was passed around, the comments were: wow, oh my!, that has to be more than 7 pounds… and so on.  Nope!  It’s “only” 7 pounds.  And 7 pounds clearly a significant amount of weight on your body.

Remember that this is a journey and there’s no hurry to make it to the destination.  Whether it be 7 pounds, 5 pounds, 3 pounds or even one single pound.  That is a lot!  And just as importantly, it’s movement in the right direction.  Instead of being down about how little it is or how long it’s taking you, be proud that you’re making positive changes and moving forward!

Now please excuse me while I go sit down with the kids and a bowl of delicious stove-top-popped gourmet, white hulless popcorn to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  And if you’re curious, a 1/4 of kernels, popped in 1 tsp of coconut oil, makes a about 6 cups of popcorn.  Drizzle it with 1 tsp of melted butter and the whole treat is only 5P+!