Super Flour (a.k.a. Supah Flour)

With summer over and fall sneaking up, I’ve found myself enjoying time cooking and baking more.  All Purpose flour doesn’t have much nutritional value, so I often mix up a little concoction that my boys have dubbed “Super Flour,” because, well, it is SUPER when compared to regular, unbleached flour.

The mixture consists of equal parts toasted wheat germ, whole wheat flour and all purpose flour.  Toasted wheat germ is a good source of fiber, protein, Vitamin E, Thiamine, Phosphorus and Zinc.  In fact, just two tablespoons of wheat germ contain 7% of the daily recommended value of fiber and 4 grams of protein.  The whole wheat flour is higher in fiber and some vitamins than its all purpose counterpart.

photo 2

The Super Flour has been successfully substituted for all purpose flour in many of my family’s favorite recipes.  It’s especially delicious in buttermilk pancakes and zucchini bread.

I mix up larger batches of Super Flour and store it alongside my other pantry items in an airtight container.

photo 1


Amping up your flour really is a super way to squeeze in a little extra nutrition!