Making Time for What Matters

This summer has been busy.  We started off with a whirlwind trip to Germany, followed by umpteen lessons and classes for the kids, a long road trip, as well as the general busyness associated with three kids off of school.

Though school doesn’t start back for a few weeks, we’re slowly easing out of our late bedtimes and trying to get back into a semblance of a schedule. There weren’t many constants over the last two months, but one constant has been making it to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting.  If my memory is correct, I only missed two times… I even found a local meeting when we were in Germany!

For me, the meetings are my weekly re-set button, so to speak.  I’m not going to fib, it can be hard to get there.  But today, I looked back and saw all of the little ones sitting together and smiled.  The moms of these little girls value their health, food habits and friendships just as much as I do and they all made time to attend.


An interesting point of note.  All of the moms of these girls are Lifetime members at or below their goal weight, and they also still attend meetings weekly.  Our leader has often said her most successful members, continue attending weekly even after reaching goal… just sayin’.


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