A little help from my friends

Since the beginning of summer, I’ve managed to gain a few pounds, which has put me at the top of my new “comfortable” range. It’s time to get back to business before ‘a few’ pounds turns into ‘a few too many.’

Today was the day that our daughter has been looking forward to for the past couple of weeks. Her friend’s 5th birthday party.  Given that birthday cake with frosting is one my favorite splurges (and a major weakness), I decided it was wise to enlist some willpower help from two of my friends who would be at the party.

In the morning, the group text went something like this:

  • Me: Can’t wait to see you at the b-day party this afternoon. Keep me honest… no birthday cake for me.
  • Friend 1:  You got it.  See you in a bit.
  • Friend 2:  I sure will.

Just putting that out there solidified my willpower.  There was no additional reinforcement necessary, though we did joke about it at the party.

Instead of being filled with a double-layer, frosted treat, my plate looked like this.  Willpower tasted better than any birthday cake would have.


Sometimes you just need a little help from your fiends.  Thanks, girls!


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