Willpower is Greater with Forethought

Oreos may as well be kryptonite.  I’m not sure what it is about them, but I can’t eat just one.  (Potato chips, no problem.  Oreos, problem.)  A long time ago, I decided that Oreos were a food that should never be in my house.  They’re really not that good.  They have no nutritional value.  They’re highly processed.  Loaded with calories and fat.  But even knowing all of that, I have little willpower against them.

THE PROBLEM: Our son requested a homemade mint ice cream birthday cake, layered with Mint Oreos.


I’m happy to report that it took some willpower and forethought, but I took my own advice and had “just a dot, not a lot” of the leftover Oreos and lived to tell about it.  The birthday cake is assembled and it’s in the freezer firming up, in anticipation of the birthday celebration.  With forethought, I was able to defeat my kryptonite.

Here’s my strategy:

  1. Make a half-batch; enough for respectable servings, but not enough for leftovers for days
  2. After looking at the nutritional information for the Oreos, decide what a reasonable quantity is for now and commit to that
  3. Do not so-much-as sample a crumb until everything is assembled AND cleaned up
  4. Clean up the kitchen
  5. Divide the remainder of the leftover Oreos into containers for the boys’ lunchbox for tomorrow (once they’re earmarked, they no longer tempt me… thankfully)
  6. Sit down with my little girl and enjoy our predetermined quantity with her
  7. Ahhh…. breath a sigh of relief; I enjoyed my kryptonite and I won’t be kicking myself later


For the record, there were 10 Mint Oreos remaining: 3 for me (6 PointsPlus), 3 for my daughter and 2 each for tomorrow’s lunch boxes.

I’m sitting here typing, not feeling deprived since I allowed myself to enjoy the treat, and I’m feeling empowered by moderation.  Just a dot, not a lot.


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