Jill’s Before and After

More proof that positive changes yield positive results.  My friend, Jill, has lost 62 pounds over the last 7 months.  Here is a “before” picture and her current picture.

I’m very proud of Jill and I want to brag on her.  She has been determined and dedicated to her new, healthy lifestyle.  It’s been great  to both support her and to receive support from her.  Jill has even motivated her husband to make positive changes… and he has lost 10 pounds!


In her own words:

I THOUGHT my weight loss journey began in my late 20s. I had my first child, and not unlike a lot of women, bounced right back afterward, with very little effort. About 3 years later, I went through a rough (to be nice) divorce, and lost about 20 more pounds. I weighed about what I did right out of college. That was good. Then I met my current husband. I knew he was the “one,” and gosh we were happy! Well, weight gain seem to follow ALL the happiness. It crept up slowly, 20 pounds, then another 30. But, I was…….so happy, in love, and “OK” with my looks.

Five years and another 5-10 pounds later, I found out that we were expecting. In my mind, I was overweight, but not unhealthy!
The midwife explained to me that gaining more than about 25 pounds would not be good for me or the baby. Then I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Wait! What? I’m not THAT overweight! Although, the charts stated in black and white that I was obese at 5’5 1/2 inches, and 196 pounds. My top weight was 222 pounds the day I delivered our baby girl.

My follow-up blood work indicated that I was still diabetic. I had it repeated about a month later (I was in total denial), and it was the high side of normal, but NORMAL! Yeah, I had just dodged that bullet! I was told by my doctor that that my chances of developing Type II diabetes were 75% greater, if I didn’t lose weight. One doctor even suggested lap band surgery!! WOW, that hit me hard!

Fast forward 4 years, and I still hadn’t lost any weight, but, hey, I hadn’t really gained any either. I was starting a diet pretty much every Monday. I had done it ALL…….diet pills, drinks, HCG…..then, one day, an acquaintance invited me to attend a Weight Watchers meeting with her. No, I was not offended, nor did I feel judged. She just made me feel included. Besides, she wasn’t asking me to do anything she wasn’t doing. Before I over thought it, or came up with an excuse, I agreed to join her at the next meeting. I am so glad I did!

It was then, that my true weight loss journey began (October 23, 2013). I lost 58 pounds (205# to 146.8#) on Weight Watchers in 6 months! This girl that had invited me to join WW to begin with, has become one of my best friends, and partner in health. We have both met our goals, and it feels awesome! I never knew how miserable I felt, until I didn’t…I have also met so many awesome people through this journey, people I call friends.  I am forever grateful, and blessed.



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