Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables.  I love that its arrival marks the beginning of spring produce!

This veggie is packed with antioxidants, fiber and nutrients, including vitamins A and K, B vitamins and folate.  The bonus is that it’s easy to prepare.  You can roast, grill or boil it in mere minutes.

photo 4-1

When asparagus arrives home from the grocery, I like to give the ends a quick trim and place the cut ends in a shallow bowl of water, then put it in the refrigerator.  When it’s time to cook the asparagus, rinse the stalks then snap off the hard ends.  As demonstrated by my trusty kitchen assistant, the thick, hard ends will snap off in the right location automatically.

photo 5

My quick, go-to preparation method is to bring a couple inches of salted water to boil in a skillet, then add the asparagus and simmer until al dente (cooked, but still firm to the bite), about 4-5 minutes.  Drain and transfer to a plate.  Salt and pepper to taste.

photo 2-1

Asparagus turns bright green as it cooks.  It’s as delicious as it is vibrant.

photo 3-1

When I made this asparagus, I laid it out for the photograph and went about making dinner.  Before I knew it, each and every stalk was gone.  The kids and their friends grabbed them as if they were Twizzlers on the counter.  Our preschooler even said, “I like asparagus.  I want my body to grown big and strong.”  Sweet girl.


3 thoughts on “Asparagus

  1. I LOVE asparagus! I broil it. (: I haven’t found a better way to eat it, honestly. It comes out perfect every time… not too soggy or mushy and just enough crisp.
    I get rid of the tough ends, toss in some EVOO, salt and pepper to taste, then pop it in the oven on high broil for about 5 minutes. {Times vary depending on how hot the oven is when I pop them in and how many I’m cooking} You can see the “skin” getting bubbles under it and the tips start turning a little, but not quite brown. When I have been a little less health conscious, I add Parmesan cheese. Mmmm. Garlic powder can be good, too, but I just go with simple S&P.

  2. You know I love it too… After cooking al dente, I give it a little saute in olive oil tossed with minced garlic. YUM.

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