Veggies in a Flash

Find it difficult to get fresh veggies on the table at dinnertime?  When I’m in a pinch, I turn to flash-frozen veggies in microwavable steamer bags.  Since they are microwaved in their packaging, they go from freezer to table in a matter of minutes!

photo 1-1

I usually buy is Birds Eye Steamfresh.  Their Pure & Simple line contains only one ingredient (the vegetable!).  No added sauces, sodium or preservatives.  Birds Eye and other companies do sell varieties with sauces, so check the nutrition label to be sure.

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Frozen vegetables have their advantages over canned veggies.  During the canning process, vegetables lose some of their nutritional content.  Additionally, there are concerns about leaching from the metal can into the produce.

The steamer bags go on sale regularly.  When they do, stock up!  On a busy night, when you’re rushing to get dinner on the table, you’ll be happy that you did.

P.S.  There’s currently a $1 off of two Steamfresh bags on Birds Eye’s website, under Coupon Corner.

Note: For Weight Watchers followers, frozen veggies have the same PointsPlus values as fresh produce.  Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green beans, etc. have 0P+.  Remember to count PointsPlus for peas, corn and edamame.  


My blog has pas…

My blog has passed the 10,000 views mark. That number amazes me! Thank you to each of you who have supported the effort and read the blog. Though I was reluctant to start writing and sharing, it’s been an incredible experience. I hope that I’m able to return the support that I’ve been given.

Feelings of Inadequacy

I’ve been having feelings of inadequacy lately.  Not on a personal level necessarily.  (Though I’ll always be a work in progress, I’m ok with that.)  The feelings have been more of blog inadequacy.

Recently, while discussing a possible blog post with my husband, I confessed that it seemed like a trivial topic about which to write.  So often, friends share earth-shattering, mind-altering blog posts.  In comparison, my post ideas seem insignificant.

As my husband is so good at doing, he immediately pointed out that trivial *and* insignificant items are precisely how and why I’ve followed the path that I’m on.  Large changes usually aren’t sustainable.  It’s the long chain of small changes that when followed and added onto for days, weeks, months and years, lead to results.

If my posts seem trivial, know that it is now exactly what I’m striving to do… share small, manageable tips that will hopefully give you food for thought and will also help me reinforce my own lifestyle.

Though the expression is “slow and steady wins the race,” I prefer to think that, “slow and steady and small wins the race.”

Thanks for reading!