And That’s a Wrap!

Bread used to play a reoccurring role in my diet before I realized that it wasn’t worth the space in my food plan.  For quite a while, I simply cut bread out of the equation.  (One notable exception: Culver’s hamburger buns.)

Several months back, I discovered tortilla wraps.  Specifically, I found Ole’s Xtreme Wellness! High Fiber Low Carb tortilla wraps.  They are large, chewy, soft and have only 90 calories.  For Weight Watchers followers, they are only 1 PointPlus!


They contain 5g of protein (which helps you feel full and stay full) and have a whopping 9g dietary fiber, as well as 15% of the daily recommended value of calcium and 40% of the daily recommended value of iron.


These tortillas are quite versatile.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll post some of my favorite uses.  One of them I’ve already written about:  Light Alternative for Family Pizza Night.

If you’re not able to find this brand locally, ask your grocer to order them in (mine did!).  They can also be ordered by the case from Amazon.  They keep well in the refrigerator for several weeks and I’d love to hear if they can be frozen.

One word of caution.  Not all tortillas are created equally.  You must read the nutrition label, as tortillas and wraps can range in calories from 80 to 300.  (Yikes!)

By switching out bread and bringing in tortillas, I’ve been able to save calories and carbs without losing satisfaction.  Every now and then though, bread hits the spot.  And when that’s the case, I go for it – in moderation!


6 thoughts on “And That’s a Wrap!

  1. Thanks for that healthy find! I was just looking at tortillas, at my local grocery store a few days ago, and they don’t have those. 😦 Bummer! They have about a million different types of the “Mission” brand, though.
    (: Love your blog.

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