To the New Girl in Exercise Class this Morning


Starting or trying a new type of exercise can be intimidating. Before going to the running store for the first time to be fitted for running shoes, I had a great deal of anxiety. It took me several days to get up the courage to walk in. When I began yoga, I “needed” a friend to come with me to help alleviate some of the feelings of inadequacy.

Little did I know, however, that the rest of the community of runners and the room of full of yogis weren’t there to judge my performance and I wasn’t there to make them feel superior. All of them were quietly cheering me on and willing me to succeed, and to join their seemingly exclusive club.

It turns out that seemingly exclusive club isn’t that exclusive after all. It only takes is a desire to join and commitment to try your best. So when you receive a smile or kind gesture from someone in a class or a passerby on the route, that’s our way of saying, “We’re glad you’re here. Keep up the good work.” And even if you don’t catch a smile or gesture, know that we’re ALL cheering you on the inside!

As for the lady who was in yoga class this morning, I don’t even know her name, but I asked if we could take a picture for my blog. Hopefully that didn’t scare her off. The exercise community is always looking for new members and showing up is often the hardest part!

Related reading: The next step can be sticking with an exercise until it’s to the point that you start to like it, as written about in “Do You Really Like Running?”



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