Take an On-the-Go Snack

By taking a snack along with you when you leave the house, you can hopefully stay ahead of your hunger, thus avoiding bad food choices.  If you create a habit of stocking your kitchen with healthy snacks, it’s quite easy to just grab and go!

This time of year, my favorite on-the-go snack consists of two clementines (0P+) with a piece of light cheese (1P+).

photo 1

This was the snack that I took along in the car for my daughter and me to share, when we recently ran errands together.  Three clementines, two Mini Babybel Light cheese rounds (1P+ each), a carbonated water and a Hello Kitty Thermos with ice water.  (Guess which drink was mine and which was my daughter’s?)

After having more than a couple clementines end up as mush in the bottom of my bag, I finally learned to put them into a locking container.  Not only does it keep the fruit in good shape, but it’s also a great way store the waste until you’re back home.

photo 2

Quick grab-and-go snacks that I like are:

  • Apples (0P+)
  • Bananas (0P+)
  • Clementines (0P+)
  • Teriyaki beef jerky (usually 2P+ per ounce)
  • Light cheese sticks (usually 1P+ per piece)
  • Fiber One brownies (2P+)

With a little pre-planning, you can also hold off hunger when on the go and hopefully spare yourself an unwanted trip to the mall food court or fast food drive through.

P.S.  I’m always looking for fun and tasty on-the-go snacks.  If you have any you’d like to share, please do!


3 thoughts on “Take an On-the-Go Snack

  1. This is a good reminder to always plan ahead! I love the turkey sticks from Aldi. They’re one point each.

    I also love the fiber one brownies in lemon bar flavor. Those are a good dessert, and big enough to feel like I’ve indulged – unlike the WW prepackaged dessert bars!

    • I’ve not heard of turkey sticks, but I’ll have to make an Aldi run. Are they like jerky? Thanks for the tip!

      I agree… love the Fiber One lemon bars. Have you tried the (also new) cinnamon ones? They’re great, too!

      • No, they’re more like a small Slim-Jim. They’re by the summer sausage/nuts/popcorn. There’s beef and turkey in the same box; the turkey packages have purple on the label. I’ll look for the cinnamon bars next. Yum!

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