Back to Business

After three straight weeks of house guests, it’s time to get back to business.  We were lucky enough to have back-to-back visits from both grandmothers.  Since we live quite far from family, we relish any visit from loved ones.  Back-to-back visits equal a double-bonus to us!

While the grandmothers were here, we had many memorable moments.  Some of them included little food indulgences.  In total, there were probably more indulgences packed into these three weeks than I would normally have in double that time.

But guess what?  That’s ok.  Part of “healthy living” includes “living.”  It’s alright to cut yourself some slack.

While I did splurge, I tried to keep the damage in check.  When we went out for burgers, fries and ice cream (three times), I ordered a kid’s meal with kid-sized ice cream.  Just a dot.  When we had Mexican, I split the portion with my mom and ordered kid’s chips.  (Mexican food without at least a few chips is almost a sin.)  And when someone (ah-hem, not naming names) raided the caramels that I bought for my grandmother, I didn’t partake.  [That last line really doesn’t belong in this blog post, but I had to throw it in for good measure!  Anyway, back to the topic at hand.]

Recap:  Special times.  I splurged.  It’s ok.  Special time over.  Back to business.

Cut yourself some slack, too.  It’ll help you in the long run.  Promise.


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